Our vision – nicotine without tobacco

Our vision – nicotine without tobacco

The Vont Team

Our goal is to eliminate cigarette use and its tobacco-related harm by offering smokers alternative and safe sources of nicotine. We are constantly developing new products as an alternative to regular cigarettes so that all smokers who want to quit smoking can find something that suits them. Our products are significantly safer than cigarettes and other tobacco products.

We work a lot with consumer awareness to increase the reach of alternative products for nicotine use. Of course, different smokers have different tastes. We listen to our customers and develop groundbreaking products in order to be sure that we can meet their preferences in order to replace cigarettes.

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E-cigarette - an alternative to smoking

Today there are several types of alternative nicotine sources for smokers who wish to quit. If you are considering quitting smoking but find it difficult to give up. Then we have several different products for you.

Often smokers look first at e-cigarettes when they want to switch to an alternative that still meets their need for nicotine. What makes these very popular is that they are used just like regular cigarettes. For many smokers, it is not just the lack of nicotine but also the habit that makes it difficult to quit smoking. With e-cigarettes, you can still "take a cigarette" with your morning coffee without getting tobacco smoke. E-cigarettes are cigarettes without the use of real tobacco. Instead, nicotine liquids are heated and vaporized. We have several options both in terms of flavors and strength, so that those who want to quit smoking can find what suits them best.

Less harmful nicotine products

The main difference between alternatives such as e-cigarettes and smoking cigarettes lies in exactly what makes them "smoke-free". That is, the lack of combustion - or burning of tobacco. It is generally known that the majority of harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke come from the combustion of tobacco itself and not the nicotine in it.

The risks of smoking are the reason we started our company. Our products focus on making it easier for smokers to switch to less harmful nicotine products. Even if our products completely eliminate the combustion of tobacco, they will be able to satisfy the need for nicotine without having to change their habits too much.

By offering an increasingly large number of less harmful products, we believe we can switch an even larger proportion of smokers to a healthier alternative.

New Vont pod flavors

In addition to an excellent selection of exciting different flavors, we offer each of our e-liquids in three nicotine strengths: 0 mg / l, 10 mg / l and 20 mg / l. This gives you complete control over how much nicotine you get and you can increase or decrease the strength as you like. It is, after all, a quit-smoking alternative, so of course we also offer e-liquids completely without nicotine for those who wish. You can also be sure that our e-liquids are made from the best ingredients, all products are quality controlled by an independent party before we sell them.

We are constantly working to develop our products and will be able to offer even more flavors on our pods for our Vont One device. The latest addition is the "Smooth Vanilla" flavor and keep an eye on our web shop, there will be more coming soon.

Launch of new disposable products

We are proud to announce that we will soon be launching and offering our customers a new disposable e-cigarette. These are extremely popular and convenient, ready to use directly from the packaging.

Looks like a cigarette, which can help smokers make a smooth transition to e-cigarettes Low steam production helps avoid the unwanted attention typically associated with a larger e-cigarette that has a greater steam production Disposable: You don't need to charge the e-cigarette or refill it with e-liquid More intense flavor due to the more limited air flow Draw-activated firing mechanism, which ensures easy use Compact, light and discreet Cost-effective Available in multiple flavors

Vont nicotine pouch

To encourage consumers to switch to reduced-risk alternatives, availability is the most important. Therefore, we have developed an alternative for snus users as well. Even though snus is a healthier alternative to smoking, it contains tobacco that, like all other crops, has potentially harmful ingredients in the form of, among other things, pesticides. Nicotine pouches are our next step in being able to offer the safest alternative for nicotine use.

Nicotine pouches are one of several products under development in order to be able to offer a variety of alternatives for all different types of smokers. Our ambition has always been to make it easier for smokers to quit smoking and ultimately eliminate cigarette use.

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