Vont is based in Stockholm and was founded in 2019. We develop and manufacture lifestyle products in the non-tobacco nicotine category. We emerged from the idea that curiosity and innovation can meet culture and lifestyle.

All our products are developed and designed in Sweden.

We develop and manufacture products within the "nicotine without tobacco" category. We are the first Swedish brand to have developed Closed Pod Systems, with a focus on exciting flavors and a simple user experience. As our headquarters are in Stockholm, we are particularly proud that so many of our customers in Sweden have come to appreciate our products. Everything we do is characterized by modesty towards both demands and expectations. We ensure that our products always maintain high quality, are manufactured in accordance with the EU's TPD directive, and are approved to be sold and marketed in Sweden. We always strive to apply new technical solutions in order to offer our customers quality products that combine safety with innovation. We are committed to actively researching and developing the next generation of consumer products within "nicotine without tobacco" to meet our customers’ needs both in and outside Sweden. We want to be part of the solution to the problems with traditional cigarettes. Therefore, we advocate responsible usage, and we never encourage youngsters, non-smokers or tobacco-free people to use nicotine products. We focus exclusively on offering our products to adult smokers. As part of our corporate social responsibility, we encourage people to quit smoking, and we never target our advertising to vulnerable groups. Please contact us for more information about Vont, our products, or our working methods.

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