Vont To-Go is a simple and ready-to-use disposable E-cigarette that does not need to be charged or refilled. With Vont To-Go E cigarettes, you do not need to charge or refill. To activate your Vont To-Go E-cigarettes, simply inhale on the device.

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Vont To-Go E-cigarettes are available in 10 different flavors, with and without nicotine in our E-cigarette shop. It delivers powerful pulls with a smooth and satisfying experience.

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Vont E-Cigarette

Disposable e-cigarettes are the perfect option for you if you want to either quit smoking altogether or simply switch to an alternative with fewer negative health consequences.

What is a Disposable E-Cigarette?

A disposable vape is an electronic cigarette or e-cigarette designed for one-time use. These devices are convenient and discreet to use and come in a wide range of fresh flavors and different strengths.

How Does an E-Cigarette Work?

All products from Vont contain no tobacco, which naturally includes our e-cigarettes. Smoke is not generated by burning tobacco, but by heating a liquid that produces vapor, which you inhale, just like with a cigarette. E-cigarettes do not need to be turned on and off; you only need to inhale to produce vapor, making it very convenient. When the device gets too hot, it stops producing vapor until the temperature cools down.

How Long Do the E-Cigarettes Last?

Each e-cigarette contains 2 ml of liquid, which means you get around 800 puffs during use. Of course, the number of puffs you take varies depending on how you use your vape, and the usage duration differs for each user, depending on how they use their vape. However, 800 puffs (or draws, as they are also called) provide a good basis for assessing your device and seeing how much you can get from it. 800 puffs are roughly equivalent to about two and a half packs of regular cigarettes.

A Wide Selection of Flavors in E-Cigarettes

Everyone has different preferences and favorite flavors. That's why we offer you a wide variety of different flavors to explore and choose from. What all the flavors have in common is that they are fresh and refreshing, making them well-suited for e-cigarettes. We are constantly working to offer a better product in every way.

All our e-cigarettes come with a strength of 20 mg/ml. The amount of nicotine you get per draw depends on the size of your draws, but for those accustomed to cigarettes, you won't feel like you're getting too little nicotine during use.

E-Cigarettes Can Facilitate Smoking Cessation

Quitting smoking is something that should not be underestimated. For many smokers looking for a positive change in their health and finances, disposable vapes can be an excellent tool. These vapes are a healthier alternative to cigarettes, making it easier to gradually reduce consumption while avoiding tobacco smoke and all the negative byproducts that come with cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have helped and continue to help people looking to change their smoking habits.

You Can Also Buy E-Cigarettes Without Nicotine

Whether you feel that quitting smoking is a good step or simply enjoy the feeling of smoking something with a fresh taste, you can also buy nicotine-free vapes in our e-cigarette shop. Nicotine-free e-cigarettes have the same flavor and character as varieties containing nicotine. Therefore, these varieties are also somewhat cheaper, and for many looking to quit smoking, this is the final step before transitioning to a smoke-free life.

Buying E-Cigarettes Online Is More Affordable

Even though e-cigarettes are often cheaper than cigarettes in the long run, you can't avoid spending relatively large sums rather quickly. Popular brands like Salt Switch, Frunk Bar, N One, and many others often cost over 100 Swedish Kronor per unit. When you buy vapes online, you save money on each order and each vape.

The Vapor from an E-Cigarette Doesn't Emit an Unpleasant Odor, and You Can Smoke Indoors

One of the biggest advantages of a vape is that the vapor is not harmful to your surroundings and does not stick to walls, clothing, or hair. This means you can use your e-cigarette indoors or in your car without leaving an unpleasant odor behind. However, you should be mindful of smoking bans in public places, as electronic cigarettes are not allowed where cigarettes are prohibited.

What Do You Do When the E-Cigarette is Depleted?

When your device is depleted because either the liquid has run out or the battery is empty (usually the liquid runs out before the battery does), you can simply recycle the product as electronics. You can also return your vape through our partner Bower, which means you get rewards for your environmental efforts. Return them here.

Deliveries and Payments

Regardless of the product you're looking for, both payment and home delivery run smoothly and quickly. Payments in our e-cigarette shop are processed through Klarna, and you can pay with your card or through PayPal. You can also choose whether you want to receive an invoice or split your payments, depending on what you prefer.

For orders over 49€, we offer free shipping. Delivery is handled through Postnord, and we pack and ship your order on the first working day after receiving your order. Afterward, you can expect your products to be delivered within 2-3 working days, although this naturally depends on Postnord.

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