Our nicotine pouches are high-quality, all-white, and slim portion bags. Unlike traditional snus, Vont Nicotine Pouch is completely tobacco-free.

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Vont Nicotine Pouches contain a mixture of high-quality nicotine and flavors. The nicotine is released and absorbed when the bag is placed between the lip and the gum. With the Vont nicotine pouch, you get a groundbreaking effective nicotine experience and exciting flavors - all without tobacco. Vont Nicotine Pouches offer smokers a discreet alternative nicotine experience.

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Nicotine Pouches

Snus and nicotine pouches are an integral part of the Swedish soul and still a very popular product in all parts of society. In recent years, the trend toward tobacco-free and white snus has been on the rise, and more and more Swedes are opting for a tobacco-free alternative.

At Vont, we have the opportunity to buy high-quality nicotine pouches online. There is a wide range of different flavors and strengths, and you will definitely find one or more snus products that you like.

Vont's Nicotine Pouches Contain No Tobacco

Just like the rest of our range, including our nicotine pouches, our snus contains no tobacco. Instead of extracting nicotine from tobacco, our snus contains plant fibers with added nicotine. You use our nicotine pouches just like traditional snus, and apart from the contents of each pouch, everything works the same way.

Our Nicotine Pouches Come in Slim Format

We place a strong emphasis on quality and a premium feel for our products. This applies, of course, to our nicotine pouches, and for those interested in fresh flavors, Vont is one of the better options the market has to offer. Slim snus has, as the name suggests, pouches that are slightly smaller than...

Various Flavors of Nicotine Pouches to Choose From

At Vont, we offer a variety of flavors for our nicotine pouches, ranging from classic and fresh mint to fruity berry flavors. Many find it very appealing to have a different taste in their mouth than the bitter and slightly muted taste of tobacco, and our nicotine pouches provide just that. If you're unsure which flavor you like best, it might be a good idea to order one of each variety and then try them out at your leisure to find out which one you prefer. Remember that it's generally advisable to start with a lower nicotine content, especially if you don't have much experience with snus.

Choose the Right Strength for Your Nicotine Pouches

Our nicotine pouches are not only available in different flavors but also offer the possibility to choose various nicotine strengths. This allows you to select a strength that you find comfortable and easily increase or decrease the strength without having to switch to a different brand or design you're accustomed to. The weakest strength we offer is 4 mg, which is about half the normal strength of snus. We also offer snus with strengths of 6 mg, 9 mg, and finally, snus with 12 mg of nicotine. This selection makes it easy for you to choose a snus that you feel comfortable with and that provides you with a pleasant experience.

Our Nicotine Pouches Come in a Sleek Variant

We are aware of this at Vont. Therefore, we have made a lot of effort to design a discreet and very stylish tin for our nicotine pouches. The tin has a modern and sleek appearance.

Nicotine Pouches Are a Good Aid for Those Who Want to Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is far from easy, and if you're a smoker who has tried, you probably know the difficulties that come with it. For many, nicotine pouches can be an excellent means to gradually reduce smoking. Snus, especially nicotine pouches, offer a discreet and much fresher alternative to cigarettes, making it much easier to slowly but surely reduce smoking.

Vont's Nicotine Pouches Are Recyclable

At Vont, it is of great importance to us to do our best to minimize the environmental impact of our nicotine pouches and other products. Our tins are fully recyclable, of course. To further improve this, we also offer you the option to return your used tins through our partner Bower. This way, you receive rewards directly in the app and can also see how much carbon dioxide you save by recycling your packaging.

Buying Snus Online Is Much More Cost-Effective in the Long Run

When you purchase nicotine pouches online, you usually save significantly more money compared to buying them in a grocery store or tobacco shop. Affordable snus on the internet is becoming increasingly popular, and the prices you find in our webshop are lower than what you would typically pay in a physical store for snus. Additionally, it is extremely convenient to have multiple tins at home that you can use as needed, rather than having to repeatedly go to a snus shop to buy a new tin. When you buy nicotine pouches online, you can also be sure that you always have your preferred flavor on hand, as not all stores offer the same selection.

In our store, you can also purchase nicotine pouches in slightly larger quantities online. This is, of course, cheaper than buying fewer tins at once, and for larger orders, we even offer free shipping.

Payments and Deliveries

Payments and deliveries in our webshop are smooth, and our goal is to deliver your product as quickly as possible. All orders received by us are packed and sent through Postnord on the first working day after the order is placed. For orders over 49€, we offer free shipping. We strive to deliver your products within two to three working days, although this may vary depending on the postal service provider. Payments on our website are also very convenient and are processed through Klarna. You can choose whether you want to pay for your order immediately with your card or with PayPal. With Klarna, you can also receive the entire amount on an invoice or opt for installment payments.

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