What does it mean when a disposable vape blinks?

What does it mean when a disposable vape blinks?

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Recap: Your Disposable vape blinks when it’s nearing its end. Either its e-juice has dried up or its battery is about to die. In any case, you can still get a few more hits before you throw it out.)

Your disposable vape’s in your hand, you take a few puffs, and out of nowhere, it’s blinking… already? It’s annoying. We know. So… what does it mean when a disposable vape blinks?

Is your disposable vape blinking? Here’s what’s happening…

Your disposable device could be blinking for a couple of reasons.

Your vape has run out of e-juice

The simplest and most probable reason why your vape is blinking is that you’ve puffed it enough times and your hits have consumed all the e-juice. When this is the case, you’ll notice that the vape is beginning to lose its flavour strength – that is to say that at this point, your Juicy Berry flavor is much less juicy berry. You’ll also notice the vapour clouds growing smaller and less luscious.

Your vape’s battery is dying

Another reason why your vape is blinking is that its battery power is almost gone. When this happens, your vape no longer responds to your inhaling it. These disposable devices are designed such that the battery can only last a little longer than e-juice. In other words, the e-juice should be fully consumed before the battery reaches its last.

Whether your vape is nearing the end of the e-juice or the battery is dead, either way, the blinking is telling you it’s almost time to chuck it away. But should you?

How to Vape around the blinking?

Picture this. You don’t have a spare, new disposable vape in your bag, and the one in your hand is already blinking. Its battery and e-juice are both nearing their end. You know it’s about time to throw the device away but you want to make the most of what’s left. Here’s what you do.

You can still drag out a few hits from your device by simply setting it aside for some time. Another thing you can do is try taking shorter hits – try not to inhale deeply. This will help consume less battery power and let the vape last a bit longer.

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Understanding your disposable Vape

Disposable vapes are meant to be easy-to-use, hassle-free devices – they are ready to be used right away, and do not require the constant topping up of e-juice or technical coil replacement. This makes them perfect for you if you’re new to vaping and/or if you're always on the go.

Your vape consists of an atomizer coil and a synthetic/cotton wick soaked in e-juice. Every time you inhale, the coil heats up. The heat from the coil then vaporizes the e-juice-soaked wick wrapped around it.

To get the most from your disposable device, it’s key to be up to date with the many vape varieties out there. You can then choose the one that works best for you (Read the UK Disposable Vape Guide Here).

Tips & Tricks to getting the most out of a disposable vape

To effectively make the most of a disposable vape, let’s first get to know your device a little better. But we’ll tell you one thing for sure: how your vape treats you, depends on how you use it.

1. Set your vape aside between every few hits

When you take continuous hits without pausing between sessions, your vape’s e-juice-soaked wick dries out before it can re-soak and re-absorb more e-juice. When this happens, the flavor and nicotine strength of your hits weakens and you’ll notice the resulting clouds shrinking. At this point, it is best to let your device rest for a few minutes before you inhale again.

2. Inhale gently

When you take a deep hit, your vape’s coil lights up for a longer time and this consumes more power. And if your vaping pattern is to inhale deeply each time, it’s more likely your vape’s battery will die before you’ve consumed all its e-juice. To make the most of the e-juice quantity, it’s best to take gentler hits.

If your vaping preference is always set to inhaling deeply, then just wait a few moments before you draw your next hit.

3. Tap your vape softly

Sometimes you’ll notice that your vape isn’t blinking but it’s not producing clouds, either. If that’s the case, it’s most likely that air bubbles have formed inside the e-juice tank. This prevents the wick from absorbing optimum amounts of e-juice. Tap the vape gently and then set it aside for a few minutes to release these bubbles.

The takeaway

To make the most of your disposable vape, keep your vaping sessions shorter and inhale gently. Most vapes state how long they will last in terms of the number of puffs. Though that works technically, the number of hits a person gets depends on how they use it, and how often.

Most disposable vapes offer up to 500 puffs. But if you still want more hits – say around 800 puffs per device – or higher nicotine strength, then take a look at Vont To-Go.

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