The Vont story – a Swedish startup

The Vont story – a Swedish startup

The Vont Team

Vont was founded in Stockholm in 2019 with the vision of becoming Sweden's first producer of high-quality electronic cigarettes. We strive to apply new and innovative ideas in order to be able to offer our customers quality products that combine safety and innovation. Vont's main focus is offering smokers who want to switch from tobacco products safer tobacco-free nicotine products.

Our vision has always been to manufacture the best products on the market and we are proud to be able to offer safe e-liquids that do not cause swelling and irritation in the throat. Our goal is to constantly develop our products and be at the forefront. This has led us to expanding our range even further.

Vont is the first Swedish manufacturer of closed pod system

Vont is the first Swedish company to both manufacture and deliver Closed Pod Systems, with a focus on exciting flavors and a simple user experience.

E-cigarettes with Closed Pod Systems, also called "cig-a-likes", are ready to use as soon as they are assembled and charged. There is no need to refill any e-liquid, which means there is no spill when you need to refill your e-cigarette. In addition, you do not need to carry any liquid with you, but instead use convenient pods. When the pod is empty, it should simply be thrown away and you easily insert a new one.

VONT Closed Pod System Kit Model One is an easy-to-use product designed for smokers looking for an alternative to cigarettes. Model One is rechargeable via the micro-USB port located on the underside of the product and takes about 30 minutes to be fully charged. Pods are clicked into place on the top of the unit and serve as a mouthpiece.

Vont launches new innovative products in 2021.

In 2021 we will launch new flavors of our e-liquids. In addition, we have developed more types of products for smokers who want to switch to a healthier product. We will now be able to offer disposable e-cigarettes. These products resemble regular cigarettes even more than our Model One. In this way, we hope to reach more people who want to quit smoking and make their transition to e-cigarettes as smooth as possible. They come in several delicious flavors so you are guaranteed to find something you like!

We are also proud to present Vont nicotine bags - a tobacco-free alternative to snus. Although snus is not as harmful as cigarettes, it contains all tobacco, like all types of crops, different pesticides. Now snus users will also be able to take advantage of our less harmful products for nicotine use. Browse our webshop for more news.

Vont delivers quality products.

When you buy your nicotine products from Vont, you can be sure that you will get products of the highest quality. All of our e-liquids are manufactured in top laboratories in the UK in accordance with the EU's tough regulations and TPD directives. All of our products are also checked by an independent party, so that you as a customer can always be sure that you always get products of the best quality.

Why we use nicotine salt instead of free base nicotine

Our e-liquids contain nicotine salt instead of free base nicotine liquid, which has long been the more common form of nicotine in e-liquids. In tobacco leaves, nicotine has the chemical composition of a salt. The process of producing free base nicotine involves changing nicotine from salt, which is its natural state, to a "purer" base form. This is done using ammonia, which raises the pH level and modifies nicotine to a deprotonated state, ie free base.

Depending on the user's previous smoking habits, freebase nicotine can cause swelling in the throat. This can of course become very unpleasant and many simply stop using e-cigarettes because of the sore throat. The consequence was then that manufacturers of freebase nicotine switched to a lower nicotine content. However, for many smokers, this is not enough to satisfy their nicotine needs. Either they have to smoke very often or they did not manage to switch to e-cigarettes.

Since many who start with e-cigarettes do so just to quit smoking, we have chosen to offer our products with nicotine salt. In this way, users with a greater nicotine need can use our products without discomfort, while we offer lower nicotine levels or completely nicotine-free alternatives to those who want to step down.

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