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It is important to have quality-assured e-cigarettes

By The Vont Team

It is important to have quality-assured e-cigarettes

We at Vont have great respect for those who, like us, prioritize thorough quality control. Established brands such as Juul, Vype and Myblu have set a high standard in terms of what one can expect, and what requirements can be placed on e-cigarettes. By carefully ensuring that Vont devices are fully approved and certified, we can proudly join the ranks of e-cigarettes that can simply be trusted. This of course also applies to our e-liquid.

If you want to be absolutely sure to avoid e-vitamin, tar, by-products and other things that have become associated with some of the more unscrupulous brands, we therefore recommend that you choose e-cigarettes that are quality assured. Therefore, we encourage everyone who is looking for e-cigarettes in Sweden to stick to the products that can be trusted. If you have questions about our work, how we see the market or just general questions about our products, we at Vont look forward to hearing from you.

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