How to take care of your Vont - three easy steps.

How to take care of your Vont - three easy steps.

The Vont Team

In general, Vont e-cigarettes take care of themselves. The units are designed to be durable, and e-liquid is naturally quite resistant to external influence. Despite this, there are some things you can do to maximize the lifespan and get the most bang for your buck. Often, these are measures that do not require much effort, but that in the long run make a big difference. So let's take a closer look at how you best care for your Vont device and store e-liquid.

  1. Have the right charge level on batteries The battery in your Vont device is manufactured according to all relevant modern standards for battery manufacturing. But like all other batteries, the lifespan is limited by the chemical processes that occur during charging and discharging. You could call it the battery's natural lifespan. However, by taking a few simple measures, you can extend it.

If you use your Vont device regularly, you don't need to worry about anything more than charging it as needed. But if you plan not to use it for a while, make sure the battery is not empty before you put the device away.

Batteries that are stored without a charge can, in fact, stop working because there is simply no power to maintain the necessary chemical processes. To avoid the risk of this deep discharge damaging the battery, it is often recommended that you charge the battery to about half full before long-term storage. If it is difficult to determine what half is, you can charge it as usual before storing your Vont device for a long time.

  1. Store your e-liquid in a good way Nowadays there are many different e-liquids to choose from as an alternative to smoking. Whether you are a fan of Marlboro, Camel or Philip Morris, and regardless of whether you prefer a hookah, a click, menthol, a vape or pods, there is almost certainly an E liquid for your Vont that lives up to the corresponding expectations.

Many people gradually build up a comprehensive range of different liquids. And a not entirely uncommon question is how to actually store them. Our recommendation is to avoid extreme temperatures. In other words, avoid direct sunlight or minus degrees. By storing your e-liquid in a dark place at room temperature, it will continue to maintain the best possible quality.

  1. Clean and store properly Actually, Vont devices don't require much maintenance at all. If you want to keep it as clean and fresh as possible, you can wipe the device with lukewarm water and a cloth, and then let it air dry. Just make sure not to let the device or battery get wet.

When you store your Vont, make sure it is in a place where it is not exposed to high heat or moisture. In practice, this means normal room temperature in a place beyond the reach of the sun's rays. You don't need to take it to extremes, just use normal caution. Just like with other electronic devices.

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