How Much Is A Disposable Vape?

How Much Is A Disposable Vape?

The Vont Team

Recap: Disposable vapes generally cost between £3 to £6. Their prices often vary depending on three factors – puff count, e-liquid amount and formula, and flavour quality.

Disposable vapes have taken the e-cigarette world by storm. Since they were first introduced in the late 2000s, they have developed from less-than-satisfying nicotine vape bars to fulfilling devices bursting with exotic flavours as well as a good dose of nicotine.

These revolutionary products have come a long way, with vastly upgraded inhale mechanisms,  smooth-finish hardware, luscious e-liquids flavours, and a strong hit quality.

So how much does a disposable vape cost?

How much is a disposable vape?

The cost of disposable vapes usually varies between £3 to £6.

Vaping technology has grown in leaps and bounds, and so have the number of brands creating low-end to high-end vapes. The variety in disposable vape brands is so wide and expansive that it would only be sensible for a novice user to first do a little research and gain some understanding of how to identify quality.

Deciding on a disposable vape brand can be tricky since there are just so many available in the UK. But not all of them follow the standards set by UK regulations.

This article looks at the primary features of a disposable vape that users must evaluate before deciding if the vape is worth its price. There are three things you need to look at before you make a decision – battery life and puff count, amount of e-liquid, nicotine formula, and of course, the flavour quality.

1. Battery Life & Puff count

What’s the point of spending the extra money to get a high-end disposable vape if it doesn't offer enough puff count? Generally, disposable devices can produce between 200 to 400 puffs, which is equal to about 20 cigarettes.

The average vape mostly offers a battery size of 280mAh while those close to the top-tier brands can go up to 850mAh. As long the vape still contains e-liquid, a good battery strength ensures satisfying puffs.

2. E-liquid & nicotine formula

Good battery size will only be worth it if your disposable vape offers a sufficient amount of e-liquid. Most disposable devices contain about 1.5 to 2ml of e-liquid. These figures particularly hold in areas with TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) regulations that stipulate the e-liquid quantity be kept within the 2ml limit.

Another thing you must look at is whether the disposable vape offers traditional freebase nicotine e-liquids or nicotine salt e-liquids. The latter is comparatively healthier since it helps control the craving to smoke another cigarette. This is so because nicotine salts give you a hit sooner and last longer than the traditional nicotine e-liquid.

Nicotine salt liquids get absorbed into the bloodstream faster and so you can feel their effect sooner. This, in turn, makes them prevents you from taking those extra hits just to feel their effect. And another added perk is that their nicotine rush is stronger and more satisfying.

New brands on the market are making use of this advancement in formula technology. Using nicotine salt-based e-liquids is how conscientious brands are now eliminating tobacco altogether from their products.

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3. Flavours

One of the great perks of vaping is the ever-exciting array of flavours you can choose from. Different brands offer different flavours and not all flavours of a single brand can win your offer. It is quite possible that your citrussy cravings are quenched by Elf bar’s Blue Razz Lemonade, your berry cravings from Vont’s Creamy Strawberry, and cola cravings from Strapped Stix Cherry Cola. So go ahead and experiment with a variety of brands and flavours and see which one wins you over.

Vont, in particular, is one brand that offers tobacco-free nicotine and uses nicotine salts in its e-liquid formula. It’s known for being a healthier alternative since it’s a reduced-risk product and what's really great is that offers a remarkable palette of flavours. It’s known to cater to a variety of tastes that work from those who prefer a mild soft taste to those who like it bold and strong.

Why you need to consider quality

The EU and the UK have strict regulations when it comes to the amount and formula of e-liquids — it’s to ensure the safety of their vapers. They have strong restrictions against certain harmful ingredients in smoking products and test them for toxins. The reason why the UK can uphold that vaping is 95% safer than smoking is because of these high regulatory standards.

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