How Much Are Vape Pods?

How Much Are Vape Pods?

The Vont Team

Recap: Vape pod devices are considered a budget-friendly alternative to vape pens and are generally available at £5-£35 in the UK.

Pod systems have become exceedingly popular in recent years. They are convenient, easy to use, compact and lightweight, and just about perfect for beginning vapers. But with such a variety of vape types in the market, it is only natural for you to want to explore exactly why.

Why are vape pods more popular than vape pens? How much are vape pods? And what are their benefits? Let’s answer these questions, below!

What are vape pods?

Vape pods are e-liquid containers very similar to cartridges. They are supposed to insert into reusable pod-vaping devices. There are two types of pods – disposable and refillable.

Disposable Pods

Disposable pods are little pre-filled units of e-liquid that just need to plug into the vaping device. They require no preparation. Once they plug in, they connect directly to the battery so that your device is ready to be used. These are not reusable or refillable and are thus for one-time use only.

The advantage of disposable pods is that their design offers better quality control. These pods have “closed systems” since they cannot be un-sealed to refill and reuse. Their design makes them low-maintenance, easy to insert, and ideal for beginners. They also make an excellent vaping option for those too busy to refill e-liquid units by hand.

Some of the most quality-conscious brands  – such as Vont — choose to seal their pods. The pods’ closed system ensures no e-liquid spills or accidental mixing of e-liquid flavours, while allowing better overall quality control.

Refillable Pods

As their name suggests, these pods are reusable. They have open systems, which is to say that they have lids and can be unlocked and re-filled. You can fill these pods with any type of e-liquid compatible with their device model.

Open systems are more economical in the long run, but they require maintenance that is difficult for unpractised hands. That is why many vapers prefer not to use these while traveling or on the go.

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Benefits of using pod kits

Vaping devices that use pods are popular for many reasons.


Pod vaping systems are easy to use and perfect for beginners who don’t wish to indulge in the maintenance and constant re-filling of vape e-liquid tanks. Also, you don’t need to check their wattage systems. You just have to charge them at intervals and insert a new pod each time your previous one finishes.


Vape pods are lightweight and small. They are small enough to fit in your pocket easily and offer excellent portability. And despite their tininess, these pods still produce sufficient vapour.

Better nic-juice

Vape pods require nicotine salt e-liquids, which are better than the freebase nicotine alternatives.


Though pod systems vary quite a bit in their prices depending on the brand and model, they are generally more budget-friendly than other devices.

Ideal for former smokers

Pod vaping devices are loved by smokers hoping to quit because of their feel and design. Also, they are better suited to using e-liquids with higher nicotine levels, which smokers need at the start of their cigarette quitting. They need good nicotine levels to overcome the desire to smoke cigarettes.

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How much are vape pods?

Vape pod kits cost from £5-£35 in the UK. Better quality products start at £8 and often include the vaping device and its pod models.

Vont, a high-end Swedish vape brand, features a collection of pod systems:  A Device Bundle with 3 Pods (£14.99) that contains a device, a micro USB cable, and three pods of different flavours.

How long do vape pods last?

How soon your vape pod empties depends on your vaping habits – how often you use a vape and for how long. Unlike vape pens, vape pods have a much smaller quantity of e-liquid at their disposal. It is most often 20ml, which usually gives up to 200 puffs.

Though these pods can only hold small amounts of e-liquid, they can easily fit in your bag. Their size renders them pocket-friendly, and you can always carry a few in your bag. Also, if you’re going to throw in a few pods in your bang, you may choose different flavors. This way you can use the flavour you crave even when out and about.

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