Either Vont or IQOS: How do they differ?

Either Vont or IQOS: How do they differ?

The Vont Team

There are a large number of different e-cigarettes to choose from. Often, you have great opportunities to find products that match your own personal preferences. However, it is not always entirely clear what actually sets them apart. Our products are often compared to those from IQOS, which means that we often get the question of what actually sets the two different products apart. Therefore, we have chosen to dedicate a few lines to writing about how Vont can be compared to IQOS, and what makes our products unique. In the end, however, it is mostly a matter of personal wishes and preferences.

Does Vont use tobacco like IQOS?

Unlike IQOS, Vont's products are completely tobacco-free. While IQOS is based on a special technology that heats tobacco without burning it, Vont uses completely tobacco-free e-liquid. Many prefer liquids because they completely remove tobacco use. By focusing on carefully selected flavors and a pleasant smoking experience, we have ensured that products from Vont are very close to a classic smoking experience, but without the problems often associated with tobacco. If you are looking for a tobacco-free alternative to smoking, Vont is very close at hand.

How does Vont work?

Vont is a special experience consisting of a device and e-liquid in the form of pods. The device is battery-powered and loaded with any pod depending on the flavor and smoking experience you might want now. Our products are specially designed to provide a tobacco-free experience that is both unique and still true to the classic smoking feeling. Since we use our own proprietary e-liquid formula, you get a very special smoking experience through Vont. And we have both traditional and innovative flavors. If you have previously used products from IQOS, you will also feel at home with Vont, as they are similar in many ways. We recommend that you try them out for yourself to find your personal favorite.

How does IQOS compare to Vont?

IQOS is a tobacco-based alternative to traditional cigarettes. Their products heat tobacco to release flavor, and they also offer flavored tobacco blends specially designed for their devices. In that way, compared to Vont, it is a product based on tobacco use. They have become very popular among people who still want to smoke tobacco, but want to get away from cigarettes. However, if you want to completely avoid tobacco, they are not necessarily the best option you can choose.

Vont, on the other hand, is more like a traditional e-cigarette. The device itself heats the e-liquid, which in turn is delivered using special pods. It releases both flavor and nicotine, and you get the chance to experience smoking without tobacco. Our own e-liquid solution is free of harmful additives, and is in many ways a popular alternative to tobacco. By following all applicable standards for nicotine and tobacco products, we can provide a hassle-free experience for those who want to avoid tobacco.

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