Are Disposable Vapes Safe? A Short Guide

Are Disposable Vapes Safe? A Short Guide

The Vont Team

Recap: Disposable vapes are much safer than traditional cigarettes. And among disposable vapes, the safest are those that make use of nicotine salt-based e-liquids.

Standard cigarettes normally contain as many as 7000 chemicals, most of which are toxic. Vapes on the other hand expose you to far fewer chemicals than that and are deemed safer. By switching to disposable vapes, smokers not only find an effective way of quitting cigarettes, but they also save those around from second-hand smoke (since vapes only produce vapors). And this brings us to a question that follows only too naturally – are disposable vapes safe?

To understand how safe disposable vapes can be, let’s first look at how they are different from cigarettes.

Disposable vapes compared to cigarettes

Nicotine can be addictive but research has proven that the few health risks it poses are largely insignificant. Cigarettes on the other hand are considerably harmful given that they contain detrimental chemicals and additives. Tobacco smoke from cigarettes releases dangerous byproducts starting with tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide, arsenic, lead, and tar.

In stark contrast to cigarettes, disposable vapes primarily emit water-based vapours that have fewer harmful substances than those found in cigarette smoke.

What are the main components of disposable vapes?

The main ingredient of your disposable vapes is e-juice. When you draw on it, the vape battery powers the installed coil, which then vaporizes the e-juice. All disposable vapes have the same component with varying battery strengths and e-juice formulas. So how many types of e-juices are there? And what’s in them?

There are two types of e-juice – nicotine salts and freebase nicotine – and they are different because they are prepared differently. Most e-liquids on the market as well as traditional tobacco cigarettes use freebase nicotine.

Nicotine Salts versus Freebase Nicotine Formulas

Nicotine salt e-liquid is better and safer than the freebase alternative. Here’s why.

5 Reasons why you should choose disposable vapes with nicotine salt-based e-juice

  1. Nicotine salts have a lower pH value whereas freebase nicotine’s pH levels are higher.
  2. Nicotine salts are closest to the naturally-occurring nicotine in the form of tobacco plants. These salts are the least processed form of nicotine, which makes them just right to be used in strong vapes.
  3. A nicotine salt base is preferable for you if you’re looking to eventually quit smoking. This formula allows a quick nicotine hit at higher strength levels. The salt formula gets absorbed into the bloodstream faster, which means you get the desired rush without having to vape as much liquid.
  4. The Nicotine salt formula is better in that it’s easier on the throat and perfect for vaping from the mouth to the lungs.
  5. Nicotine salts have a longer shelf life. They tend to oxidize slower in comparison to freebase nicotine, which means you can buy them in bulk and store them away.

disposable vapes by Vont

Safest disposable vapes on the market

The most dependable brands out there will always list the ingredients in their vape product, and the best disposable vapes will feature nicotine salt formulas.

Vont is one such gold standard brand that develops and manufactures reduced-risk nicotine products. Vont has a separate line of disposable vapes called To-Go and offers as many as ten varied flavours. What’s particularly winning about their disposable vapes is that their e-liquid formula is based on nicotine salts.

To-Go offers up to 600 puffs which are equal to three packs of cigarettes.

Interestingly, 60 percent of Vont’s disposable vape palette is of the fresh, fruity variety – Juicy Berry, Sweet Melon, Breezy Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Creamy Strawberry, and Sweet Mango In addition, to these exotic flavours, it offers Smooth Vanilla, Fresh Mint, Cool Mint, and the ever so-traditional Creamy Tobacco.

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