2023 UK Vape Pods Guide

2023 UK Vape Pods Guide

The Vont Team

Recap: Vape pods are an alternative to traditional tanks. You can choose between refillable open vape pods and disposable closed vape pods.

Vape pods are small, easy to handle, and leak-free. Whether you are busy at the office or simply prefer the convenient side of life, pods are perfect for you. These small units offer mighty flavour sensations and unforgettable nicotine hits, but they leave some vapers feeling confused. What exactly are vape pods? And what is the difference between closed pods and open pods?

At Vont, we’ve bashed our heads together to answer all the most popular questions about vape pods.

What Is a Vape Pod?

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Vape pods are small units that contain all the essential elements needed to vaporise e-liquid. Pods are alternatives to tanks. You can expect to find an atomising head, a coil, and an e-liquid inside each pod.

The main difference between vape pods and traditional tanks is the installation. Whereas most traditional tanks are pre-installed in the device, pods slot into devices. They are small and sleek, and often pair with minimalist devices.

Before you choose a pod and begin vaping, you need to learn about the two types of pods.

What Is a Closed Vape Pod?

When most people think of vape pods, they think of closed pods.

This kind of pod is pre-filled with vape juice and contains a pre-installed coil. Closed pods are very easy to handle and install. There are no fiddly bits or step-by-step instructions.

You do not even have to worry about customisation options. New, technologically advanced devices have opened up a world of customisation options, but most vapers feel overwhelmed by the options on offer. Pod system fans prefer to spend their money on devices that deliver a straightforward nicotine hit.

As well as being easy to use, closed pod systems are often ergonomic. They feature smooth exteriors and curved lines that are designed to fit comfortably into your palm.

Closed pods are made for convenience. Once the e-liquid inside the pod has run out, it is ready to be thrown away or recycled. You can’t refill these kinds of pods, so you need to buy a stash of your favourites for emergencies.

What Is an Open Vape Pod?

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Open vape pods are sometimes called re-fillable vape pods. These pods combine the convenience of disposables with the longevity of traditional tanks.

All open pods are refillable. The majority of open pods don’t have replaceable coils, but a select few do. Most pods contain an in-built coil that can’t be removed, which means that the longevity of the unit depends on the coil. You can refill the pod as many times as you want, but as soon as the coil is burnt out it is time to dispose of the pod.

Refilling open pods is easy. The pod will either have a small compartment or a rubber bung. To refill the pod, all you need to do is open the compartment or remove the bung. You can even use a funnel to make sure that you don’t spill any e-liquid or create spills.

Closed Vape Pods Vs Open Vape Pods

Whereas closed pods represent the ultimate convenience, they might miss the mark for vapers who are concerned about single-use plastics. Some brands champion sustainability by creating recyclable pods, but these brands are few and far between. For longer-lasting, more sustainable vaping, we recommend open vape pods.

Closed pods are perfect for people who are pinched for time. If you are heading to the office, travelling abroad, or even going to a three-day festival, you can save time by choosing closed pods. Open pods are better suited to people who have enough time to refill them. If you have a spare minute every few days, you can refill your pod and experiment with different vape juice flavours and nicotine strengths.

What Are The Benefits of Vape Pods?

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It is no secret that vape pods are popular amongst people who want convenience, but what other benefits are there?

How to Make My Coil Last Longer?

It might seem like coils are just another part of your vape kit, but this small piece of tech can make all the difference to your vape hit. Most closed pods and open pods come with in-built coils that can’t be removed or replaced.

One of the biggest reasons why vapers choose open vape pods is so they can experiment with different coils. Some open pod brands allow vapers to replace the coil in the pod. To get the most out of your pod system, you need to learn about coils.

To increase the lifespan of your coil, we recommend priming it. When you install your coil, add a few drops of e-liquid to the wicking material. This allows the e-liquid to seep into the wick and draw closer to the coil. Add the rest of your e-liquid to the tank and allow it to sit for a few minutes before you take a drag.

You can also increase the lifespan of your coil by taking longer breaks between hits. This ensures that the coil does not overheat and burn out, and it also means that you can avoid dry hits. Dry hits produce an almost unbearably hot, metallic sensation.

What Nicotine Strength Options Are There?

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Whether you prefer traditional tanks or vape pods, you need to think about the nicotine content of your e-liquid. Nicotine is a stimulant that reaches your brain within just 10 seconds of entering the body. It makes your brain release adrenaline, which creates the feeling of pleasure and energy that you might associate with smoking. Although it’s tempting to prolong your buzz, too much nicotine can have a negative impact on your health.

The maximum amount of e-liquid in each vape pod is 2ml. The maximum amount of nicotine is 20mg per 2ml.

Beginner Vaper Nicotine Strengths

Beginner vapers will feel more comfortable on the lower end of the scale. 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg options are ideal for people who are just beginning to experience the effects of nicotine. By introducing nicotine into your system slowly, you can acclimatise to the stimulant without feeling overwhelmed.

At Vont, we cater to cautious vapers. Our 0mg nicotine strength vape pods are designed for people who want to acclimatise to the feel of the pod system before they advance to nicotine. 0mg strength products are also ideal for vapers who want to stop using nicotine altogether.

Of course, beginner vapers might be experienced smokers. If you are transitioning from smoking to vaping, you should look into some of the higher nicotine strength options that we offer.

Intermediate Vaper Nicotine Strengths

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Intermediate vapers are people who have a few years or months under their belts. Usually, intermediate vapers have a better understanding of what nicotine strengths they prefer. Most people find that their tastebuds sit on the middle of the scale, around the 10mg mark.

You can enjoy a range of 10mg nicotine strength flavours from our shop. Smooth Vanilla is the ultimate indulgent flavour, and fruity options like Sweet Mango and Juicy Berry invite you to relive the tastes of summer.

Advanced Vaper Nicotine Strengths

20mg of nicotine represents a strong, heady vape hit that is only sustainable for advanced vapers. Beginners who go straight onto 20mg strength products often experience nausea and dizziness. We recommend this nicotine strength for vapers who used to smoke twenty or more cigarettes a day.

We stock intense, bold flavours for vapers who want 20mg vape hits. Creamy Tobacco is the go-to choice for vapers who want to pair satisfying nicotine hits with intricate flavours. We also stock recognisable flavour profiles like Cool Mint and Fresh Mint.

How to Dispose of Vape Pods?

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Sustainability is more important than ever, and lots of vape manufacturers have responded to increasing scrutiny by creating recyclable devices. The only way to tell if your vape pod is recyclable is to check the instructions and the symbols on the packaging. If you can see the recycling symbol, then you can go to your local recycling facility and dispose of the pod properly.

If you can’t find the recycling symbol on the instructions, the likelihood is that your pod is not recyclable. Your pod will end up in a landfill site, but the rest of your pod system might be recyclable. Simply check the box, break the device down into separate elements and materials, and dispose of them in the correct box at your local facility.

Vont Model One Pod System

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced vapers love Model One Pod System. The slim, sleek exterior slots into your day-to-day life, and the compatible pods come with a wide range of flavours and nicotine strengths to suit every kind of vaper. It has never been easier to enjoy immense nicotine hits. Just slot the vape pod into the device, draw on the device, and begin vaping.

Browse through our Model One vape pods to discover your new favourite taste sensation. Our closed pods cater to people who want convenient, on-the-go vaping. You never have to worry about messy refills, spills, or leaks. Once your vape pod has run out, just slot a new one in place and resume vaping. You can enjoy new, vibrant flavour sensations every few days!

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